Serious issue/FYROMacedonia

December 18, 2017 - ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΕΙΣ Ε.Ο.Σ.Δ.
Serious issue/FYROMacedonia

To the attention of Dr. Rafael Santonja-Gomez, IFBB President

Dear Mr. President

Based on the United Nations Security Council Decision 817/1993 and 845/1993, the Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia is obliged to use the name FYROM in every communication for Foreign Affairs, including the Sports Activities, mainly the international sporting competitions.

Additionally, FYROM has been an I.O.C. affiliated member under the FYROM name and has signed using the said name.

The FYROMacedonia Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness has violated the above UN and IOC decisions and circulated through IFBB official web site a poster announcing the competition of “IFBB DIAMOND CUP ELITE PRO MACEDONIA” for the year 2018.

With all my respect and on behalf of the Greek Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, you are kindly requested to strongly advice the above federation to remove the word “Macedonia” from the poster published in page, since this name is an ancient Greek one, used by the ancient historian Herodotos to describe one of the two ancient Greek tribes: the Doric and the Macedonian. This name draws its origin from the doric word “makos”, in modern Greek “μήκος”, meaning “length”, describing the tall fair hair and blue eyed Greeks, the Macedonians. The Yugoslav General Tito, distorted History and historical evidence existing even in Bible, Book of Daniel, chapter 8, verses 21 and 22, referring to Alexander the Great as King of Greece, whom his kingdom was divided to his four generals after his dead. General Tito used the name “Macedonia” in 1940 to establish his propaganda in order to extend his state to the Aegean Sea).

The FYROM Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness should realize that IFBB is not a place for political propaganda and should unconditionally comply with international laws.

Looking forward to receiving your immediate attention to the above serious issue, with all my respect, I send you my best regards.

Jordan Leventelis
President of the Greek Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation